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Over the last few days, a scam artist has been actively soliciting Boulder residents to "rent" their permanent address for various forms of fraud (depending on the story of the day) including fraudulently obtain loans, obtain in-state tuition, defraud the DMV, etc. Participating in this kind of fraud by "renting" your address would certainly lead to legal trouble. Moreso, this person has been long term "camping" on Boulder city streets in a van / RV with out of state plates, and has been bragging about bringing their guns to Boulder, and may be unstable. Aside from "van dwelling" being illegal, it is not reasonable that one can live outside someones house on the street, shower in public toilets, empty their piss jugs on our lawns, not have any real way of disposing of their garbage other than dumping on other residents, etc. There are a lot of good reasons why long term street camping is illegal. Hygene, safety, and impact on the community. If you see a van camping on your street, just call the Boulder non-emergency police number. 303-441-3333 (inside the city of Boulder) or Boulder County non-emergency police number 303-441-4444 As the would-be fraudster has bragged on reddit about being armed, you may want to relay that to the police when you call. Make sure to give vehicle type and plate numbers to the police when you call. It'll help the police find them as they move around Boulder. The police will come, talk to the folks, see if they need help or homeless shelter assistance and record the plates so that they don't become a long-term community nuisance.