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I love getting phone calls from scammers and I pull some variant of this example every time I can. The most recent experience was the other day when a scammer called me to inform me that my credit card debt could be partially erased or some B.S. (I don't have a credit card) she said that she could see I had a certain amount of debt and that I had been making the payments on time. I agree and fake an excited tone, telling her I would love to get rid of that debt. She asks me for my name to which I respond with some off the cuff moniker. She says "great now I just need your credit card number and expiration" which I oblige her with (again fake) she tells me to hold while she looks into it..a second later she tells me she must have taken the wrong number down and to repeat it. I wish I would have remembered the number, but instead gave her a completely different number which confused the hell out of her. This went on for another 5 minutes before she finally gave up and said " ok sir, enjoy your lowered debt"and hung up. I've also had scammers pretending to be the IRS call me only to have me call them back dozens of times, pretending to be with the FBI, fake crying telling them not to take me to jail, and so on. That was a great revenge that ended in some guy getting online (previously a woman had been calling) and saying "what up bitch? " to which I replied "yo mudda" in a forced Asian accent. The only revenge being wasted time on their part, entertaining as hell nonetheless.